I am especially keen to hear from adults who are free in the daytime to learn the piano. I love teaching adults as they are learning off their own steam and tend to be very diligent pupils – maybe because they are paying for the lessons themselves?! 
I teach: 
Total beginners (it is never too late if you have the time and commitment to practice). 
Lapsed learners (I am nothing like your scary teacher from your childhood!) 
Adults who want to simply play for fun/to relax or want to boost their confidence so they can play in front of family and friends again. 
Helping those who maybe want a new challenge of taking exams again. 
Playing an instrument is good for your brain. Research has shown that playing a musical instrument is the equivalent of your brain having a gym work-out. Of all the instruments, the piano comes out top for this. 
I am aware that this can be quite nerve racking playing in front of a teacher and can be a big step, initiating the route to being an adult pupil for the first time or trying again after maybe having had a scary teacher as a child. Teaching methods have changed a lot over the years. Give me a ring to book your a lesson and find out! 
""Fran is a nice and calm piano teacher who is really relaxed and is an all- round really good piano teacher. Fran makes each lesson interesting and fun" 
Jessica, Southville, Bristol. 
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