Welcome! The Piano is an orchestra at your finger-tips.  

My name is Fran. I am a piano and music theory teacher and teach from my home in Southville, Bristol, BS3. I also am a pianist in many Bristol Care Homes which I find incredibly rewarding. I teach children after school (I currently have a waiting list). I currently have spaces available in the day-time. 
I have been playing the piano since the age of 5, having been taught by my Mother. I cannot imagine my life without the piano- it has been a loyal friend. It was only when I, my husband and three young boys moved to India for a year in 2015, that I realised that I could not do without a piano to practice on. When we returned, I decided to combine my passion with earning a living and I became a piano teacher. I have not looked back! 

Music Theory 

I absolutely love Music Theory! (I read Music Theory books for fun.) Are you panicking about needing to pass your Grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory to be able to enter your practical Grade 6? Give me a ring! 
I am classically trained but I incorporate all music genres into my teaching. The most important thing is that you are practicing the music that they like – so you are motivated to practice! 
Have you always wanted to play the piano or regret having given up? 
Do you have access to a piano or keyboard on which to practice daily? 
If the answer to both the above is yes, then please give me a ring to see if we can find out more about each other! Have a “get to know you lesson” where we find out more about each other. 

Lessons for Children 

I can put children on my waiting list and will call you when I have a space. I presently have spaces available during the day for adult learners, home-educated children and 6th form school pupils. 
For more information call Fran on: 0117 966 9119 / 07940 874370 

Student Concerts 

I hold regular evening student concerts at my home on my lovely British- made Welmar Upright piano. Pupils receive a glass of prosecco on arrival (to calm the pre-performance nerves!) The concerts are a lovely sociable, celebratory occasion and give pupils a chance to show off all their hard work to their partners and families. 
"Fran is calm, patient, thoughtful and kind. She encourages the love and exploration of music whilst holding a view that practice is imperative to developing and that lessons are pointless without practice.” 
Mags, Southville, Bristol. 
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